Hashimoto's Does Not Just Happen. This 6-week DIY Program Will Help Uncover What Triggered Yours And Teach You To Manage Your Weight, Mood and Energy.

“What Triggered Your Hashimoto’s” WORKSHOP REPLAY 
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Tools used at the workshop. I recommend downloading and/or printing them before you listen to the replay. Learn and enjoy the experience!

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Why Am I Doing It?

There is so much confusion and contradiction about hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I want to help you figure it  out. I was diagnosed with Graves’ and later Hashimoto’s several years ago and brought it to remission. I therefore know what it feels like to be in your shoes – at least on some level. I want to help you get to the bottom of it so you, too, can get on the healing path. It is very normal to be confused and have many questions, such as:

  • Do I need iodine when I have Hashimoto’s?
  • Is Armour better than Synthroid?
  • Should I be eating grains or stay off grains?
  • Why am I not feeling better even if I removed gluten from my diet?
  • Should I stop eating goiterous vegetables?
  • How do I lower my antibodies?
  • What does it mean when my reverse T3 (rT3) is high?
  • My TSH is within range but I still feel terrible.
  • Do I need to go paleo?
  • Which supplements do I need?
  • Will ashwaganda help me?

This is why I will be running the Mastering Hashimoto’s  6-week Program – to help you see the bigger picture.

Who Is It For?

I created this 6-week Program for anyone who has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or with hypothyroidism. Many people do not know that they might have Hashimoto’s when they suffer from hypothyroidism. Doctors don’t like to test for it (by measuring the antibodies) as there is no “cure” for Hashimoto’s. This Program is perfect for anyone who has been struggling with these:

  • You have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism but you are not sure if it’s Hashimoto’s.
  • You have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.
  • You lost your thyroid to cancer or radiation.
  • Your weight is just no budging.
  • You have been feeling fatigued and depleted.
  • Depression and anxiety have creeped in.
  • It’s has been difficult to get pregnant.
  • You have had a few miscarriages.
  • You experience brain fog and slow mental functions.
  • Your digestion is far from great (think: constipation, leaky gut, diarrhea, gas, bloating or acid reflex)
  • You are always cold.
  • You lack enthusiasm and joy in life.
  • Your doctor is not helping and wants you on more medications.
  • You have been taking many supplements with little results.
  • You want to get out of this rut and feel like yourself again.

If this is you, think about joining our Program. It will open your eyes to triggers that you never realized have fed your Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

What Will You Learn?

We would like you to learn what were and are YOUR triggers to Hashimoto’s. We will be covering in-depth the most impactful triggers and the right solutions to manage your health. You will learn:

  • what it means to eat RIGHT for your condition (not just “eat well”),
  • how the health of your digestion and liver impact your thyroid,
  • how other body systems (like the liver, pancreas, ovaries, adrenals, etc) are connected to the thyroid,
  • what nutritional protocols can help you,
  • what to test for, why and how to read the labs (there is MUCH more than just the thyroid panel),
  • how to find a skilled and compassionate doctor and form your own health team,
  • what are YOUR triggers in Hashimoto’s; food, pathogens or genetics,
  • how to rebalance your sugar levels,
  • how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way,
  • how to regain energy without magic pills and potions,
  • how to manage stress and the health of your adrenals,
  • how to LISTEN to what your body is telling you.


6-week DIY Program Content

This is what you need to know to start the recovery journey of your thyroid health over the next 6 weeks.

Class #1: Thyroid and Autoimmunity Basics

  • Thyroid 101 – understand what is happening in your body and how the thyroid is connected to other body systems.
  • Health History & Health Map.
  • Get access to multiple directories featuring functional, integrative and alternative doctors knowledgeable in Hashimoto’s.
  • What to test for, why, how to use functional medicine ranges and how to interpret the results.
  • Your Next Step Action Plan.

Class #2: Restoring Your Digestive Health 

  • Learn how digestion works from mouth to anus.
  • Causes of digestive distress: food intolerances, allergies and pathogenic activity.
  • Types of digestive issues: benign, Celiac’s, IBS (leaky gut), Crohn’s, SIBO, etc.
  • Connection between the small intestine and the immune system.
  • Food intolerance testing; types and accuracy.
  • How to use poop as a diagnostic tool of your intestinal health.
  • Importance of stomach acid, self-testing and natural ways of increasing it.
  • Next steps to rebuilding your digestive health with food and herbs.
  • Your Next Step Action Plan.

Class #3: Sugar Rebalancing

  • Sugar level inconsistency and why it matters.
  • Sugar and inflammation.
  • How sugar effects your thyroid, other hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Why is sugar such  deadly substance.
  • How to rebalance your sugar levels without completely going off sugar.
  • Best sugars and worse sugars – a guide.
  • Fact sheet of most common sugars and how to use them.
  • DIY Smoothie Builder and recipes.
  • Your Next Step Action Plan.

Class #4: Detoxification & Movement 

  • Key detoxification organs and their role in thyroid health.
  • Detoxification protocols and options you have.
  • Food and herbs in a detox protocol.
  • Role of pathogens like parasites, yeast (Candida), bacteria and viruses in triggering autoimmunity.
  • How to test for pathogens and what labs to use.
  • Movement & exercise that fits thyroid patients.
  • Your Next Step Action Plan.

Class #5: Adrenals, Estrogen and Progesterone Rebalancing

  • What is adrenal fatigue and why it happens.
  • Difference between AF stage 1, 2 and 3.
  • The connection between adrenals (cortisol) and the thyroid.
  • The connection between estrogen, progesterone and the thyroid.
  • Impact of estrogen on the immune system.
  • Symptoms of these hormonal imbalances.
  • Ways to restore the balance with food and herbs, before taking hormones.
  • Lifestyle changes that support hormonal rebalancing.
  • Your Next Step Action Plan.

Class #6: Nutritional and Lifestyle Protocols, Nutrients + Your Personalized Action Plans

  • Putting Class #1 – Class #5 Action Plans together to suit your health and lifestyle needs.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for Hashimoto’s.
  • Where are they found in food.
  • When to use supplements and which ones.
  • How to evaluate supplement brands.
  • Pros and cons of different dietary protocols for Hashimoto’s, examples: Paleo for Autoimmunity, GAPS/SCD, Blood Type Diet, Vegetarianism, Elimination Diet, etc.
  • How to design your own diet based on your unique needs and bio-individuality.


What are Classes?

All Classes were conducted as educational component of the program. After the class, there is a recorded Q&A session with participants sharing their experiences and asking questions. You will be able to download and keep all the content of each class.

What you will get: 



How to prepare for the DIY program

  • Print and fill out the Symptoms List.
  • Print out the Health Map.
  • Print out the Vision Board.
  • Give yourself a quiet and uninterrupted 1.5 hours of “me time” during Classes and Workgroups.


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What does healing look like?

When you know your TRIGGERS based on the Health Map, it is much easier to put an HEALING ACTION PLAN together. You will learn from this program that relying on supplements and thyroid medications will not address the underlying causes of Hashimoto’s.

Autoimmunity is NOT a mystery and can be well managed. Majority of doctors do not get educated on managing it, so they leave us helpless and frustrated. The same way I had to learn about it over the years, I want to pass it on to you in the matter on 6 weeks.

My intention of this program is to lead you on this path, so you can:

  • uncover your triggers and devise your own healing plans,
  • start feeling like yourself again,
  • learn to listen to what your body is communicating to you and take the right steps to fix it,
  • feel energized and vibrant again to do all the things you are not doing today,
  • have the confidence in making dietary and lifestyle decisions what will shape your life forever.

How does that sound?


Experiences of previous Mastering Hashimoto’s participants.  

monicatigani1“There is no greater and wiser investment than one in yourself and your health…health is wealth.”

Frustrated with traditional medicine’s outdated and inconclusive information coupled with my Endocrinologist’s lack of knowledge, I joined Magdalena’s Mastering Hashimoto’s program to delve deeper into my understanding of the root causes of my illness and how I could potentially reverse it.

The program heightened my awareness of the hidden and seemingly harmless toxins that are so heavily implicated in immune system and in turn, thyroid health.

It also prompted me to look more closely at my iron and ferritin levels as being contributing factors in thyroid hormone regulation as well as a hidden reason for my ever increasing and alarming hair loss.

I immediately discontinued use of supplements that I had thought were helping but were actually harming my thyroid health and were likely the most harmful antigens.

Overall, I am much more conscious of the impact of each and every toxin that we come in contact with in daily life (food, water, air quality, emotional) factors in to the total toxic load in our bodies, so I constantly strive to avoid/minimize them.

All of these changes to list only a few have helped increase my overall wellness and energy levels, resulting in decreased anxiety and a reduction of antibodies formed against my thyroid.

I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with any type of autoimmunity – as they all have similar root causes, but a DEFINITE MUST for anyone diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or hypo/hyperthyroidism.

The format of the program is great as it is packed with information and exercises that are interactive and lead you down a path of optimism and wellness. At the end of each session, participants have the opportunity to ask questions.

The bottom line is there is no greater and wiser investment than one in yourself and your health…health is wealth!

– Monika Ahmed, New York City.

Claire“Our antibodies are dropping and one of my children’s autoimmune disease has gone into complete remission after 10 years.”

I joined Magdalena’s ” Mastering Hashimoto’  Program” because I was on a journey to learn  everything that I could to optimize my health and  the health of my children. I had been told by  doctors decades ago that there was nothing that  could be done for my autoimmune disease other  than to” take this little pill for the rest of your life”  and ” your autoimmune disease is really not a big  deal”.

It IS a very big deal and as more of my children were diagnosed with the same disease, I started doing  additional research to find out everything I could to help us live healthier lives.

I am so glad that I was able to find Magdalena and her very informative program. Having dealt with Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease herself – she has done the work for you. 

She has a wealth of knowledge and presents in a very easy to follow and interesting format. She takes what can be some very over-whelming and broad based research and breaks it down for you so that suddenly it all makes sense.

She presents her knowledge to you in a way that she becomes your friend and you know that she really cares about you and your health and wants to become a partner with you on your journey back to wellness.

She also presents weekly call-in classes throughout the course which I found to be very informative. You are actually able to hear from real participants in the workshop, can identify with so many of their stories and learn from Magdalena’s recommendations for their individual struggles.

When the course has been completed, you still have access to all her files and worksheets for continued reference. I have been able to take  this knowledge and apply it not only to my personal and family medical needs, but as a  healthcare professional, I have been able to provide some of my patients with the knowledge so that they can go back to their medical practitioners and self-advocate.

I am so happy to say that with the knowledge that I have gained from Mastering Hashimoto’s, I have been able to start turning my health and my children’s health around.  Our antibodies are dropping and one of my children’s autoimmune disease has gone into complete remission after 10 years.

If you are tired of being sick and feel that you are not getting the support or guidance from your doctors in dealing with your Autoimmune disease, this is the course for you. There IS something that you can do to start on your journey back to health. Do it today.

– Maggie R, physical therapist, Las Vegas.


DSC06643“From this program, I have had great results in weight loss, clarity, more energy and recovery from hair loss.”

I joined Mastering Hashimoto’s because I was very confused about some nutritious food and grains that might be harmful and can have a detrimental effect on someone with Hashimoto’s.  Also, I never received a clear idea of the best time to take probiotics, for example, in the morning with an empty stomach or after a snack, or  meal, or just before bed.  I really needed clarification.

The most important thing I got out of the program was that there is no one specific diet for everyone suffering from Hashimoto’s and that we should learn to listen to our bodies to find out what is harmful.

I found learning about the toxicity of certain cleaning and beauty products very informative.  The lab tests and poop journal were also extremely useful.

I have applied everything that I learned in the program to my lifestyle and have had great results in weight loss, clarity, more energy and recovery from hair loss. I think everyone who wants to heal themselves should do this program.

– Marina Larios, Architect, Guatamala City

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John Bayley Photo-220rt-smallMagdalena’s Story

Like many people, my personal health crisis brought me here today. I was a high-flying advertising executive, had a knack for my trade (strategic planning), worked on Fortune 500 brands, covered the Asian region, lived in 6 different countries and was the go-to-person in the industry. I loved it and was addicted to it. Until a crisis struck.

Intensifying anxiety attacks, forgetting events that happened the day before, severe mood swings and sliding into depression landed me with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. My TSH, T3, T4 were within range but my TPO antibodies were over 1,000 (norm is <30). Based on these, modern medicine only treats TSH, T3 and T4 and has no solution for the high antibodies that were a reflection of the raging inflammation in my body; I was therefore sent home with “we have no cure for you”.

It was the most lonely and helpless time of my life. Looking back at it now, it’s hardly surprising that my immune system is weak; I was not a breast-fed baby (my immune system is therefore weak), in my tweens I lived through the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and ate contaminated food for a week after the explosion. Due to a weak immune system, I suffered from chronic ear infections and eczema as a child and later severe acne, migraines and hormonal imbalance for early adulthood; all clear signs of chronic inflammation and a suppressed immune system.

As my advertising career took off, I was under chronic stress, lived in polluted China (I was recently found to have very high mercury and lead levels), was experiencing exhausted adrenals that were made only worse by my intense and competitive athleticism. In other words, I was an ideal candidate for an autoimmune disease.

Refusing to accept my disease, I went to a nutrition school to become a Certified Nutrition Coach, to really know how food can heal. I also dove into every thyroid book I could buy, sought answers from numerous endocrinologists, alternative healers and naturopaths to filter it all down to what’s critical in firing up your thyroid.

Today, I feel better than ever before. Free of all hypothyroid symptoms, I have more energy than most 28-year olds, my skin is glowing, I have not had flu in 3 years, I sleep well and enjoy a wonderful equilibrium in my life. Thyroid problems in women is what I dedicate my life to. I own a coaching practice Thyroid Diet Coach focused on teaching people with thyroid conditions how to self-heal with dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s ironic but true: my disease became my destiny.